NOPEC 2017 National Olympiad of Chemical Engineering


Info Lomba 2017 | This Chemical Engineering Olympics is held by the Student Association of Chemical Engineering, 10th November Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya in January - February 2017. NOPEC 2017 addressed to all high school students degrees SMA / MA / SMK throughout Indonesia with the aim to introduce world of Chemical Engineering to students. With the NOPEC 2017, students can be expected to have a greater understanding of the field of Chemical Engineering in preparation for transfer to the higher education level.

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NOPEC National Olympiad of Chemical Engineering 2016 Berhadiah Total 10 Juta Rupiah

NOPEC 2017 National Olympiad of Chemical Engineering

DEADLINE: 8 Januari 2017

For you Student of Senior High School (SMA/SMK/at same degree) in Indonesia, do not miss this Golden Opportunity!

Join and win a FREEPASS to be student of Chemical Engingeering Department FTI-ITS Surabaya!

Normal price: 120k / team (7 November 2016-8 January 2017).

How to register?

1. Make your team! Make sure team members (including the team leader) consist of 2-3 people from the same school.

2. Pay the registration fee for each team
Online : Mandiri Bank account
900-00-3736596-3 a.n.
Ummu Dzawilhijjah
Offline: Payment at HIMATEKK office Jalan Teknik Kimia Gedung N No.107 Kampus ITS, Sukolilo Monday - Friday at 12.00 - 17.00

3. Scan or take picture of the payment receipt and student card of each member.

4. Register ONLINE at

5. Click "Register", create an account using your email and make your own password for the account.

6. Activate your account by clicking on the link given to your email.

7. Complete the required data, then it will be processed to be validated.

8. Your team is registered in NOPEC 2017.

For further information, please contact :

Widya 081232119403
Wisnu 081252760816

Stay tune! Follow us on:

Twitter: @NOPEC2017
FB: Chernival
LINE: @chernival
Youtube: Chernival ITS
IG: @chernival : @chernival

Chernival 2017
Color Up The World for Global Improvement

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