NBSC National Business Solution Competition 2018 Win Total Prize IDR 18 Million

Info Lomba September 2018 | The following Business Competition is organized by HIMABIS UNPAD, Bandung, in September - November 2018. National Business Solution Competition or†NBSC†is the largest annual event of HIMABIS UNPAD involving external parties both in partnership and student participants from all over Indonesia. Through business case resolution focusing on strategic issues encountered by many companies,†participants are able to improve analytical, collaborative,†and decision-making skills†which †facilitated†by corporate leaders and entrepreneurs from various institutions. Donít miss this big opportunity, register your team immediately.

NBSC National Business Solution Competition 2018 Win Total Prize IDR 18 Million

DEADLINE: September 16th, 2018

The registration is now Open

The wait is finally over!
NBSC 2018ís registration is open starting from August 25 th until September 16th 2018.†
Donít miss this big opportunity, register your team immediately at www.nbsc2018.com/register and gain a total prize of Rp18.000.000 and internship opportunity at Danone*

First Prize: Rp 10.000.000,00 + Internship Opportunity
Second Prize: Rp 5.000.000,00 + Internship Opportunity
Third Prize: Rp 3.000.000,00 + Internship Opportunity


Expand Your Network
Compete with teams from all over Indonesia and expand your influence in a national scale

Explore Your Abilities
Challenge yourselves to solve a real problem faced by big companies and prove your ability to create a real business impact by offering your best solution

Enrich Your Knowledge
Gain firsthand insight into the everchanging business world, and get ahead of everyone to win in the competitive environment

Letís be a part of NBSC 2018, challenge yourself and be the one who empower solutions!

Business Administration
Faculty of Social & Political Science†
Padjadjaran University

For more information visit:
- Website : www.nbsc2018.com
- Official Line Account :†@nbscunpad
- Instagram :†@nbsc.2018


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info lomba 2018 business competition nbsc 2018 unpad bandung competition september 2018


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