Lucie Awards International Photography Competition 2017 Win Prize $22500

International Competition | This International Photo Awards is organized by Lucie Foundation in October 2017. Lucie Awards recognizes photography’s leading talents: Win up to $22,500 cash, get published, exhibited & awarded at the Lucie Awards in NYC. Lucie Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization whose three-tiered mission is to honor master photographers, discover and cultivate emerging talent, and promote the appreciation of photography worldwide. Lucie Foundation presents a variety of programs throughout the year, including its signature program, The Lucie Awards, Month of Photography LA (MOPLA), Snapshop, Freshlook, and Lucie Talks.

The Lucie Awards is the premiere annual event honoring the greatest achievements in photography. The photography community from around the globe pays tribute to the most outstanding people in the field. Each year, the Lucie Advisory Board nominates deserving individuals across a variety of categories. Once these nominations have been received, an honoree in each category is selected. The honorees are presented with the Lucie statue during a spectacular evening at the Lucie Awards gala ceremony in New York. The Lucie Awards is the signature program of Lucie Foundation.

Lucie Awards International Photography Competition 2017 Win Prize $22500

Be awarded the coveted Lucie statue, receive global exposure and $22,500 in cash prizes. Submit your work today!

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2017

One-Shot Competition “Climate Change” Winners – VIEW THEM HERE

2016 International Photography Awards Winners - VIEW THEM HERE

Meet The Jury:






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