ILUSTRARTE 2018 International Competition for Illustrators and Designers Win Prize of 5000 Euro

International Competition | This Art and Design Competition is held by Ilustrarte in August 2017, and the exhibition of the selected illustrations will be presented from February to April 2018. ILUSTRARTE 2018 is moving on. Submit 3 illustrations before the 31st of August 2017. The 3 illustrations must be based on the same theme. The prize of 5000 € will be awarded on the opening of the exhibition.

ILUSTRARTE 2018 International Competition for Illustrators and Designers Win Prize of 5000 Euro

DEADLINE: 31st August 2017

Each participant should register online at the ILUSTRARTE website, , and upload the files of 3 illustrations, unpublished or published after the 1st of January 2015, not later than the 31st of August 2017.

Registration will open on the 15th of April.

The 3 illustrations must be based on the same theme.
Theme, technique and medium are at the discretion of the artist.
The file format can be jpeg or tiff and should not exceed 20MB.
(If you cannot upload files send email us at

The Jury will be composed of illustrators, designers, art directors and editors Portuguese as well as international.
The Jury will first shortlist a number of artists at least 10x the number of winners.

The shortlisted illustrators will be informed and invited to send the original illustrations or quality printouts in the case of digital works.

The Jury will select the illustrators that will take part on the exhibition and the winner of the ILUSTRARTE 2016 award.
The prize of 5000 €
 will be awarded on the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition of the selected illustrations will be presented from February to April 2018.
The illustrations will be framed by the organization and exhibited displaying the illustrator's name and title of work.

A bilingual catalogue will be available for the exhibition.
Each illustrator will be granted two pages in the catalogue and a biographical note.
Two copies of the catalogue will be given to each selected participant.

Return of artwork
ILUSTRARTE ensures that the greatest care will be taken with the return of the works.
The selected illustrations will be insured during the exhibition (300€ per illustration).
All original illustrations will be returned by surface registered mail using their original packaging.
Copies of digital artwork and books will not be returned.
ILUSTRARTE is not responsible for any damage or loss occurring during return transportation.

The authors authorize the organization, without restriction or request for payment, to reproduce their illustrations in the catalogue and web site, posters and postcards, invitations and leaflets, press articles and television.
One of the illustrations may be used as image of the next edition of the biennial.
Any other use of the illustrations shall be negotiated with the illustrators.

Participation in Ilustrarte competition implies unconditional acceptance of the above rules, and recognizes the final decision of the jury as irrevocable.

Please visit to learn more about the competition.


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