Gama SURF 2016 Shariah Economics and Business Festival

Info Lomba Februari 2016 | This International Paper Competition is held by Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, Yogyakarta on February - May 2016. Call For Papers for the event of 1st Gama SURF or The 1st Gadjah Mada Shariah Economics and Business Undergraduate Research and Festival with a grand theme: "Nurturing New Generation of Researchers on Islamics Economics and Business". The participants are the teams consisting of two undergraduate students from universities in Indonesia or in any other countries. Participants will join a series of events of the 1st Gama SURF, and an award will be given to the best authors, the best presenting participants, and the best poster respectively.

DEADLINE: February 28th, 2016

Gama SURF 2016 Shariah Economics and Business Festival

Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM) and Shariah Economics Forum UGM (SEF UGM) proudly present

The 1st Gadjah Mada Shariah Economics and Business Undergraduate Research and Festival (1st Gama SURF)
with a grand theme:

"Nurturing New Generation of Researchers on Islamics Economics and Business"

Participants will join a series of events of the 1st Gama SURF, consists of:
• International Seminar
• Paper Presentation
• Research Methodology Workshop
• Poster Exhibition, and
• Conference Participation in 1st Gama ICIED and 1st Gama ICIAF.

This event will be held on:
Thursday - Saturday
May 12th - 14th 2016
at Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, Yogyakarta.

Eligible Participants

Teams consisting of two undergraduate students from universities in Indonesia or in any other countries may submit an abstract and paper, provided that they are expecting to register and attend 1st Gama SURF.

Submission Guidelines

To be accepted, all abstracts and papers must be written either in English or Bahasa Indonesia. The abstracts should be 100-150 words, with minimum use of acronyms, abbreviations or references in it. Papers that are of original works should be 15-25 pages (including tables and references), typed in Ms. Word with format using A4 page size, single spaced (1,5 line spacing), and Times New Roman font with font size 12.

Submissions of abstracts and papers are all via e-mail to with subject GAMASURF_title of paper. Every participants must attach identity card from university (scan). It does not charge a fee to submit an abstract and paper.

Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract Submission
February 28, 2016

Notification of Abstract Acceptance
March 01, 2016

Deadline for Paper Submission
March 31, 2016

Notification of Paper Acceptance
April 05, 2016

Festival Begins
May 12, 2016


While the most exciting parts of 1st Gama SURF are about learning, sharing and gaining experience, an award will be given to the best authors, the best presenting participants, and the best poster respectively.


Registration includes access to all 1st Gama SURF sessions, which include international seminar, paper presentation sessions, research method workshop, and research poster exhibition. Subject to the availability of seats, registration to 1st Gama SURF can also imply the right to attend parallel presentation sessions that normally belong only to the participants registered to 1st Gama ICIED, 1st Gama ICIBR, and 1st Gama ICIAF.

Registration Fees:

International Students
US$ 25 per person, closes April 12, 2016

Indonesian Students
IDR 150K per person, closes April 28, 2016

For further information:

Contact Person:
SMS/Line/WA :
08992285573 (Nur)
085725058280 (Ajeng)
Line: @sefugm


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