Creative Design Challenge 2015 TU7UH by Creasi


Creative Design Challenge is an art competition which held on Juni - Juli 2015 by CREASI or Creative Society Indonesia. The Creative Design Challenge offered using caption: TU7UH - 7 Presiden 7 Warna 7 Karya 7 Lokasi. Creasi invites all visual designers from Sabang to Merauke to participate in celebrating history and Indonesia’s 70th independence day by taking part in Creative Design Challenge.

In this Creative Design Challenge every visual designer is challenged to create an artwork from 1 of our 7 presidents. The number of colors used will depend on the order of the president of your choice. The 7 winners will be rewarded with prizes, but the ultimate award is the opportunity to get their artwork exposed in 7 popular locations all over Jakarta.

DEADLINE: 31 Juli 2015

Creative Design Challenge 2015 TU7UH by Creasi

Join the challenge now and start creating your masterpiece to inspire others by making a history that will never be forgotten.

RulesTo participate in this design challenge you must follow the rules as following:

  • Participants must join Creasi and submit their correct name, mobile number, email and social media account (Facebook) when joining Creasi and on their profile.
  • Participants must like Creasi’s Facebook page (, follow Creasi’s twitter account (creasi_id) and follow Creasi’s Instagram account (creasi_id).
  • All design submissions must be received by Creasi from Wednesday, 17th June 2015 up until Friday, 31st July 2015 at 23.59 WIB. Creasi cannot be held responsible if an error of any sort does occur. It is strongly suggested to submit the artwork not too close to the deadline submission to avoid heavy traffic.
  • Participants must submit their design by uploading it at No other medium of submission is accepted. Maximum upload file size is 2 MB.
  • Each participant may submit more than 1 design.
  • Participants are free to use any visual technique (digital imaging, sketch, manual, etc), but must submit in a digital format as stated above.
  • All designs (vector, illustration, photo, typography and other visual objects) and elements of designs submitted must be original and not based on any pre-existing design and/or other people’s design. It also cannot violate any intellectual property law and/or ethics. Creasi has the right to disqualify or accept any suspected designs to do so.
  • Creasi will choose up to 30 finalists and then choose 7 winners from the finalists. All of the winners will be decided by a panel of judges and the decision will be final.
  • The judges will score based on: Concept, Originality & Idea (30%), Relevance with Theme (30%) and Visual Execution (40%).
  • If chosen as finalist, the participant must submit a high resolution (300 dpi) within 48 hours after contacted by Creasi.
  • All of the winners will be announced on Creasi’s website and social media accounts.
  • All participants must read and agree to the terms & condition stated below
  • The 7 winners will have their designs displayed at selected locations in Jakarta or near Jakarta.
  • Creasi will cooperate with the selected locations to hold an activation program using the winners’ design. A separate set of Terms & Conditions will apply for this.
  • All designs (vector, illustration, photo, typography and other visual objects) and elements of designs submitted must not violate any law, especially intellectual property law. If a case arises regarding this point, Creasi cannot be held responsible for any part of it.
  • All designs (vector, illustration, photo, typography and other visual objects) and elements of designs submitted must not promote or display elements of SARA, political party/interest, violence, pornography/sexual materials, hatred and other inappropriate content. Creasi has the right to judge all designs indicated to violate this point and disqualify them immediately.
  • Creasi has the right to moderate and not show any design that is considered by Creasi as not suitable with the format and/or rules as stated.
  • Creasi has the right to disqualify or accept any designs that are suspected not to comply with all the info, rules and T&C.
  • All designs and elements of designs submitted to Creasi becomes the sole property of Creasi. Creasi has the right to use them in commercial or non-commercial purposes. Creasi may also distribute some or all of them to some or all of Creasi’s partners.
  • All finalists agree to submit their design in a high resolution format (300dpi) to Creasi within 48 hours after contacted by telephone and/or email. If a semifinalist fails to submit this within the time frame, Creasi has the right to replace their position as a semifinalist.
  • All participants must enter a valid telephone number and email which will be used by Creasi to contact the finalists. If Creasi cannot contact them, Creasi has the right to replace them and they cannot claim anything afterwards.
  • Creasi may require the finalists and winners to submit an identification card to confirm their identities.
  • Creasi has the right to perform adjustments that may be needed on the artwork to standardize the format of all finalists’ artwork.
  • All finalists agree and must open a store on their own at within 30 (thirty) days after they are contacted by Creasi informing their position as finalists. Creasi will lend their submitted design to be used for 5 months at The finalists’ store will comply with terms and condition at
  • Prizes cannot be substituted or redeemed for cash. Creasi has the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if a prize cannot be awarded as described for any reason.
  • This challenge is open for all Indonesian citizens aged 17 or more. Creasi and all partners’ employees are not eligible to participate.
  • Creasi may hold a mini event to announce the winners. Creasi will invite all of the winners but will not be hold responsible for their transportation and/or accommodation and/or consumption related with the mini event.
  • Creasi has the right to modify any rules, terms or conditions considered necessary by Creasi without notice.


  • Dimension must be 4960 x 7010px.
  • Resolution must be 300 dpi.
  • Color mode is RGB color in 8 bit.
  • Participants must choose only 1 out of Indonesia’s 7 presidents as their design object. The number of colors used will depend on the order of the president of your choice.

    • Soekarno = 1st president = 1 color.
    • Soeharto = 2nd president = 2 colors.
    • BJ Habibie = 3rd president = 3 colors.
    • Abdurrahman Wahid = 4th president = 4 colors.
    • Megawati Soekarnoputri = 5th president = 5 colors.
    • Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono = 6th president = 6 colors.
    • Joko Widodo = 7th president = 7 colors.

    Please note that the color usage is a strict mandatory. Black and white is not considered a color so other than the color usage explained above, participants are allowed to use black and white as well. The colors used should be displayed on the bottom part of the artwork (please look at the Creasi Sample at the Artwork tab).


Be ready! Please note down these important dates:

17 Jun - 31 Jul 2015 : Design challenge – submission period to Creasi

1 - 9 Aug 2015 : Curation and Judging

3 Aug 2015 : Finalists contacted by Creasi

10 Aug 2015 : The 7 winners contacted by Creasi

13 Aug 2015 : Mini event to announce the top 3 winners

17 Aug - 17 Sep 2015 : 7 Artworks displayed + activation at 7 locations in Jakarta

All participants must join as a Creative Talent at Creasi and submit their artwork through this page anytime from 17th June 2015 until 31st July 2015. Creasi will not accept any other means for submission.


1st Winner: Artwork displayed Rp5.000.000 in cash + gift voucher

2nd Winner: Artwork displayed Rp3.000.000 in cash + gift voucher

3rd Winner: Artwork displayed Rp1.500.000 in cash + gift voucher

4th - 7th Winner: Artwork displayed + gift voucher

Finalists: gift voucher

7 Most facebook likes winner: Rp 100.000 gift voucher

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