Architecture Competition 2016 Lamborghini Road Monument

International Competition | Are you the one who is talented in the field of architecture? Prepare all your equipment and idea to attend one of the prestigious architecture competition in the world famous brand, Lamborghini. Italian fighting bull held an international architectural contest named Lamborghini Road Monument, where participants were asked to design two installations or works that will beautify Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Architecture Competition 2016 Lamborghini Road Monument

DEADLINE: 2 November 2016

To beautify the city which became the Lamborghini's hometown, your work should be made by inspiration taken from the Lamborghini brand image as well. The purpose of this competition is to give a new identity in place with two installations which will indicate the presence of contemporary architecture through their interpretation of the philosophy of Lamborghini, the "visionary, cutting edge and stylistically pure."

Each participant will be charged a registration fee of 75 Euro (1.1 million Rupiah), but if registering after October 2, the cost rose to 150 euros. All information regarding the competition can be seen in, and a collection of works deadline is 2 November 2016. The ultimate winner is entitled to see his work embodied so real and displayed, and reserves the right to take home the prize of 12,000 euros.

There are also additional prizes with a total value of 20,000 Euros. For this contest, Lamborghini partnered with YAC, Young Architects Competitions, a leading promoter of the architectural contest, sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Region, City of Bologna, Sant'Agata Bolognese, Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and Unindustria Bologna.

The jury of the contest are as follows: Zaha Hadid Architects, Studio Fabio Novembre, Studio Libeskind and Foster + Partners together with Francesco Dal Co, Editor of «Casabella»; Giuseppe Cappochin, President of the Italian Professional Association of Architects. Then there Annalisa Trentin from the University of Bologna and Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

When making works or installations, Lamborghini ask to pay attention to the safety aspects and environmental friendliness. Projects must support the use of materials that do not contain pollutants and environmentally friendly technologies, in accordance with the strategy pursued by Automobili Lamborghini.



All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites + international exhibitions  + 1 year subscription CASABELLA. 

4.000 €

All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites + international exhibitions  + 1 year subscription CASABELLA. 

2.000 €

All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites + international exhibitions  + 1 year subscription CASABELLA. 


1.000 €

All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites + international exhibitions  + 1 year subscription CASABELLA. 


All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites + international exhibitions  + 1 year subscription CASABELLA. 


All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites + international exhibitions  + 1 year subscription CASABELLA. 

Calendar / Fees

5 September 2016 (Start)
2 October 2016 (End)
'Standard' registration  75 €/ team *

3 October 2016 (Start)
31 October 2016 (End)
“late” registration  150 €/ team *


7 November 2016 Jury summoning

21 November 2016 Results announcement


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